At Mainstream Dental, Dr. Jeffrey Fortna offers two options if you would like a whiter, brighter smile. An in-office bleaching procedure consists of isolation of the teeth and application of a high concentration bleaching gel warmed with the GLO bleaching mouthpiece for only 8 minutes for up to four times. This will leave you with your whitest smile in a very short period of time. Another option is an at-home bleaching kit. The GLO at-home system is similar to the in-office procedure, but a lower concentration of the bleaching gel is used so that the teeth do not have to be isolated. The at-home kit features a reusable, rechargeable warming mouthpiece which can be used over and over again for 8 minute sessions up to four times a day until the desired whitening of the teeth is achieved. Both types of bleaching are completely safe, and are designed to minimize tooth sensitivity.

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