7 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

The healthier your teeth are, the healthier and happier you will be!  As we prepare to enter a New Year, consider these simple ways you can keep your teeth healthy and avoid dental problems in the future. Drink Plenty of Water – Drinking water is generally good for your overall health and it’s particularly helpful for your teeth. Water helps to wash away leftover food and residue that cavity-causing bacteria love to eat.  Water also dilutes the acids that are … Read More

Pregnancy and Your Dental Health

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Pregnancy can affect nearly every aspect of your life and that includes your dental health.  It’s especially important to take care of your mouth and teeth during your pregnancy and to have an understanding of the common dental conditions that can occur during your pregnancy.     Connect with Mainstream Dental If you’re planning on becoming pregnant it’s a good idea to visit with Dr. Jeffrey Fortna beforehand so you address any dental issues that may be affected – or … Read More

Flossing 101

  Flossing is an important part of oral hygiene.  Some plaque is not removed from brushing and, when left on your teeth, this plaque can lead to cavities or gum disease.  Flossing once a day can help to remove plaque and it can help you to avoid future dental problems.     How to Floss   Starting with about 18 inches of floss, wrap the floss around your middle fingers so you can use your thumbs and forefingers to move … Read More

Ouch! Some Causes of Tooth Pain!

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  No one likes to be caught off guard with a toothache!  It can keep you up all night or ruin your whole day!  The reasons behind a toothache are varied, some related directly to your teeth, gums or mouth; and others that are not related.   Tooth damage or tooth decay are the most common causes of tooth pain.  Tooth damage is usually a result of a chipped or broken tooth that occurred from some kind of trauma to … Read More

Conquering Dental Fears and Anxiety

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At Mainstream Dental we understand that many of patients experience certain levels of dental fear or dental anxiety when visiting with us.  Feeling uncomfortable about your visit is a normal and natural response that occurs among most Americans.  The causes are numerous.   Some have fear or anxiety as a result of previous bad experiences with dentists, they’re concerned about costs, they’re embarrassed by their teeth, they have fear of needles or medical settings in general, they’re afraid of possible … Read More

Don’t Let Treats Become Tricks!

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  Halloween is a fun time of year when children across the country get to load up their bags and pails with endless, sugary delights!  While everyone – regardless of their age – likes to enjoy some sweets now and then, it’s important to keep your children (and yourself!) from constantly grabbing those Halloween candies. Some important ways to make sure those treats don’t lead to unwanted tricks on your teeth is to closely monitor the level of consumption, eat … Read More