Meet Your Teeth: Types of Teeth

Humans get two sets of teeth in their lifetime.  The first set – the primary dentition – are typically referred to as your “baby teeth.”  These teeth come in around 6 months old and eventually being to fall out around 6 years of age to make room for the second set – or the secondary dentition.  This set comprises your permanent teeth (or adult teeth). Adults can develop up to 32 teeth with 8 teeth in each quarter of the … Read More

Meet Your Teeth: Parts of a Tooth

  Teeth are fascinating parts of our body!  Each tooth is composed of different parts that help humans to use them correctly, and to help dentists to monitor – and care for – your teeth.   Crown:  Simply put, the crown of your tooth is top, visible part.  It’s what you SEE when you look at a given tooth. Neck:  The neck of a tooth is the constricted area between the crown and the root. Root: The part of the tooth … Read More