Temporary Filling or Crown – Aftercare



A “temporary” is a filling or crown that is placed until the permanent filling or crown is made and ready to be placed.  It is normal for the gum around your tooth to be a little sore when the anesthesia wears off.  This will typically disappear within 24 hours.  Do your best to chew on the opposite side of your temporary until your next appointment with Dr. Fortna.  Chewing sticky foods can sometimes dislodge the temporary.  It is not uncommon to have the following reactions or problems:


It feels rough…

Please call Mainstream Dental at 717-566-8161 if the temporary is making the tongue sensitive.


It came off…

This is the most common problem.  A temporary crown is supposed to come off easily and some food will help in this.  Stay away from sticky foods or gum.  It’s important for it to be there, so contact Dr. Jeffrey Fortna so he can recement it, or you can put it back in with a denture adhesive until you can get into the office.


It feels high…

Call Mainstream Dental so you can make an appointment and we can adjust it.  You can bruise a tooth if it is high.


It’s not how I want the permanent to look…

Don’t worry, the permanent will look much better and feel smoother.


It is sensitive…

The temporary will not alway fit as well as the permanent will so there may be some sensitivity to hot and cold, as well as chewing.  If it is too uncomfortable, please contact Dr. Fortna.


The temporary is very important.  It protects the exposed dentin so the tooth is not sensitive, prevents food from gathering in the preparation, and prevents the prepared tooth from shifting and moving (which can make seating of the permanent crown more difficult). Use your toothbrush to clean the temporary as you normally do your other teeth.  You will not be able to floss around your temporary as you may dislodge it.

If you have any questions concerning the temporary, please call Mainstream Dental.


The content above is applicable for many of our Mainstream Dental patients  Your individual circumstances may alter the suggestions or instructions being provided.  Please contact Dr. Jeffrey Fortna for an appointment to discuss your unique dental needs. 

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